State Integrated

PA PROMISe™ Enabled

Sierra Billing Manager (SBM) is a Web-based application that allows your organization to record services provided to consumers and patients, aggregate this information and submit it to payers for billing purposes.

Once services, dates of service and durations are recorded within the application, SBM generates claims files that can be submitted through the PA PROMISe portal.

v5010 Compliant

Sierra Billing Manager supports the 5010 electronic transaction standards for claims processing. If your state requires that claims be submitted using this standard, Sierra Billing Manager will be compatible.

837/835 Forms

Sierra Billing Manager currently supports the 837 and 835 electronic forms for claims submission and receipt of payment information. Both the 837 and 835 forms are fully supported and data elements can be customized for your organization. Sierra is planning to support additional 5010 forms in the near future.


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